easyUCP I NEED only Signature


easyUCP I NEED only Signature

Beitragvon feldon » 8. Mär 2005 17:29


I just downloaded your mod by I like to ask if it's possible to use ONLY Signature page with out menu.
I like to keep everything like it's now ,well ADD signature page where user can preview signature before he save it.

I'll post 2 pic I made on http://www.on-irc.net/ so you see what do I mean.

Will you be so nice to make MOD like that ?
I think there will be more people to want it.

Thank you.
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Beitragvon AmigaLink » 9. Mär 2005 09:58

The Signature-Editor is a Mod by EGO2000.
You can find the Mod at http://www.phpbb2.de/dload.php?action=file&file_id=272 :)
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Beitragvon feldon » 9. Mär 2005 10:43

Sorry I receive wrong information from someone I trust it ;(
Now that you give me this link I understand why...
I think that he just don't like the guys from http://www.phpbb2.de/

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the link.
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