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Beitragvon Siljo » 29. Okt 2008 00:29


I have a problem with cache post system.I would like to disable cache on smilies because i hide smilies from unregistered members.

This is whati have now:

Code: Alles auswählen
   if ( $board_config['allow_smilies'] )
      (!$parsed || !$board_config['enable_post_cache']) ? (($userdata['session_logged_in'] && $postrow[$i]['enable_smilies']) ? $message = smilies_pass($message) : '') : ''; // Cache Posts

How can i disable smilies from post cache?

Sorry for my bad english,but i don`t speak german.

Added after 22 hours 5 minutes:

Sorry *Bump* :oops:

Caused after further 23 hours 59 minutes:

Fu*king great support :roll:
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Beitragvon Skullinger » 1. Nov 2008 11:05

AmigaLink isn´t here very often because of his work.
But read it by youself:

If you want Support you´ll have to wait or ask for it @
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