Advanced Visual Confirmation does not work for AOL users.

Ersetzt das Original phpBB CAPTCHA gegen eins mit diversen Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten.

Advanced Visual Confirmation does not work for AOL users.

Beitragvon Maximiliam » 5. Feb 2007 19:41

Hello again,

I have noticed that I get many complaints from AOL users. They are unable to see the generated graphics. It comes up as a broken image to them. I have tried both png and jpg

I do not know why. But maybe they need a .png and .jpg added to the filename? Right now the graphics does not have any graphics extention at all.

Or there might be another problem to it.

Is there any fix to this problem?
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Beitragvon AmigaLink » 6. Feb 2007 21:13

Hello Maximiliam

I don't know which the problem could be. :shock:
AOL had always problems with phpBB. But these problems normally concern the session handling and should be solved today.

I see no reason to have problems with the image generate by the AVC.
There should there really be problems. Then they would have also with the original phpBB CAPTCHA and with MODs like Smartors Photo Album or my Userpic in Profile. :roll:
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